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It is a sad day as this will be my last Bulletin going out to

all the friends of the Rotary Club of Hornsby District and

This will be a year to remember not from what we achieved but
what we had to endure and still come out on top with a strong
new board to be sworn in next week which sadly will be via
zoom but with some face to face with President elect Kylie and
husband David attending our home. Producer of the meeting and
MC Bobby Holder will operate from his premises as normal.
It is always risky thanking people individually at this time because
of the risk of missing someone but as far as the bulletin and
meetings go a big thankyou for Bobby for getting this event
electronically to us each week and my “Rock” Heather for making
sure everything is done. For many others I will elaborate further
in my annual report next week.

Prior to next weeks meeting you will each receive a small gift of
thanks along with an agenda for the evening. The Annual
Report will be sent to you electronically and if you wish for a
hard copy let us know.

We are still on the road and are back in town Wednesday
afternoon to finalize everything before next Mondays change over,
until then keep safe .

Dennis Hogan, President 2019-2020