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What a year 2020 was!  It is behind us now, so let’s look forward to a brilliant 2021.
Our Club has benefitted from technology, such as Zoom, to keep us functioning for the past 11 months.  
At Tuesday’s Board meeting we will be discussing, among other items, transitioning back into face-to-face meetings.  My plan is that we will begin with a hybrid model, including Zoom as well as meeting at The Shamrock. Going forward, I hope we will keep Zoom as part of our meetings for those who are unable to attend in person.  (Board meetings will remain via Zoom for the foreseeable future.)
Please note that once we enjoy hybrid meetings we will have to remain flexible, as if COVID-19 cases appear we will need to react accordingly.  Pre-booking via the web site will be required to attend an in-person meeting, due to space limitations, etc.  There will be more information forthcoming about this, as well as information on the web site booking section. The booking system will be launched once the Board determines the time is right to move forward.
It is time to formulate specifics on how we begin community engagement again.  Please pass your ideas on to the appropriate Director for consideration.  All projects put forth by a Director will require a Business Plan, so the more information you can provide will increase the likelihood of success.
Thank you to the Marketing Team for all their efforts to help position us for success in 2021.
Thank you to all the members for pulling together last year to keep our Club going strong.  Let’s all build on that momentum now.
Yours in Rotary service,