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President’s Message

Welcome to the new Rotary year where we are reminded that Rotary Opens Opportunities!

I would once again like to thank our Immediate Past President, Dennis Hogan and the 2019/20 Board for all their hard work in such an extraordinary year.

Changeover went well, and despite the many venues for the one Changeover night, it was a success. Thanks as always must go out to those involved behind the scenes, namely Bobby Holder who set up the President’s house and hosted the Changeover via zoom so that a smooth handover was possible. Thank you also to Heather Hogan who arranged for the pins for Directors, and to Rob Caldwell for arranging the gift for Dennis and the beautiful flowers for Heather and I. Thank you to all our members for attending such an unusual changeover and for once again being part of the Rotary Club of Hornsby District in this new Rotary year.

Last year began strong… and then Australia was hit by bushfire disasters, the like we had never experienced before. We looked forward to saying goodbye to 2019 and excited for 2020 - until it happened! Covid-19 has been a different type of disaster, with millions around the world affected, and over half a million deaths worldwide. Having to physically distance has taken its toll on many, not just individually, but also the many charities that we have supported in the past. No longer have we been able to do our traditional fundraising, which has meant that those who rely on our help have suffered deeply. We must look at new opportunities to help others.

We should also look to building our club during this time of physical restrictions. Let’s do some housekeeping within our club, looking at the club as a project – one in which we help the Rotary Club of Hornsby District become even stronger and more successful in helping others. The Board of 2020/21 has some fantastic ideas and incredible experience and wisdom to impart to help this come to fruition. We all have our part to play, each individual member has strengths and can offer amazing ideas and enthusiasm to lift our club even higher. We already have a wonderful reputation, with others reaching out to us and wanting to be involved with working with us. The Hornsby Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club of Berowra and the Rotary Club of Wahroonga have all personally approached me with the desire to work closely with us and to build and strengthen our relationship with them.

I urge you all to keep an eye on the calendar for exciting guest speakers and upcoming events. Our website will hold all the information you need and I encourage you to look at it and invite others to have a look to see what we are all about. Think about growing our membership. We are looking for dynamic, enthusiastic people who understand that working for the good of others is the best reward. We want people who can contribute to the welfare of others and who can pass the four-way test.

Whilst these Covid-19 days seem to be the most trying of times, we must look at the opportunities we have been given and must make this time exciting and positive. Our Rotary year of 2020/21 may well be another challenging one for our Club but we must not be discouraged. Instead, let’s reach out to one another, strengthen our friendships and work together to achieve our goal of Service Above Self.

Have a wonderful week ahead.