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President’s Message 13 July 2020
This past week saw the Centenary of Rotary Baton Relay launch from Government house in
Canberra. This ceremony was watched live by nearly 1000 people and was an entertaining
ceremony. The link for those who wish to watch it is posted below. The entertainment
included Leo Sayer, live from Govt House as well as other international acts that streamed
live from the UK, Sydney and Canberra.
Baton Launch:
The Board met for the first time this Rotary year and many subjects were covered, including
the direction of our Club. It was agreed that we need to promote the Rotary Club of Hornsby
District and continue to build and strengthen it so that we can share our knowledge, values
and skills to benefit others in the community and worldwide.
Rotary is the largest non-religious organisation in the world, with 1.2million members
worldwide, 31,000 clubs in 166 countries. There are 32,000 members in 1284 clubs across
Australia and New Zealand and we can all be proud to be associated with such an incredible
organisation. Where many organisations have not been able to stand the test of time,
Rotary remains strong.
We have many interesting speakers lined up for our meetings, so keep an eye on our
calendar to see who they are and invite your friends to come and listen and get to know
Another interesting piece of news from Rotary international is that the Foundation and RI
Board are adding a new area of focus: the environment.

“The Rotary Foundation Trustees and Rotary International Board of Directors
have both unanimously approved adding a new area of focus: supporting the
More than $18 million in Foundation global grant funding has been allocated to
environment-related projects over the past five years. Creating a distinct area of
focus to support the environment will give Rotary members even more ways to
bring about positive change in the world and increase our impact.”
This is great news!
One last thought: we must remember that whilst Covid -19 continues to make our way of
life uncertain, we must all remain connected in ways that still make us safe. Physically
distancing ourselves whilst taking care of each other is what we must focus on.
Have a safe and happy week and remember that next WEDNESDAY 22 nd JULY, 2020 (7pm) is
our District Governor visit. There will be no meeting on Monday 20 th July.